what we do

Our souls live in our stories.

A city is more than its buildings and its history. Its beauty, culture and the liveliness comes from its people and their stories. Humans of Treviso is a photojournalism project that paints a portrait of our city.

By bringing to light the stories of our fellow citizens, we hope to break down the barriers that distance us and unite the people of Treviso.

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who we are

YeSeul Kim

YeSeul is an American, born in South Korea, raised in Guam and studied in Boston. A recent transplant in Treviso, her passion is to tell life stories. She is the producer of the "Serendipity Stories" podcast and is writing a book that uses frameworks borrowed from the business sector to apply in personal relationships.


Davide Ronfini

Davide is originally from Treviso and passionate about travel. He is the CEO and founder of the first coworking in Treviso and works as a photographer and social media manager for several clients. Always active, he also follows many other projects on the sidelines.


Mattia Marcassa

Mattia is originally from Treviso, born in Castelfranco and has always lived in the center of Treviso. He studies at the classical high school and has a great passion for the world of entertainment and fashion. He is an avid traveller.